Prayer Ministry appointments resume from March 4th, 2023

JHWP Training Level 1, 2 and 3 will all resume on 18th March, 2023

We, the JHWP Team, are excited that JHWP Training inPerson is resuming on Saturday 19th March.

We are looking forward to connecting with new students in Level 1, and re-connecting with brothers & sisters in Christ in the JHWP family.

Happier New Year 2022!!

With optimism, we anticipate commencing JHWP Training courses for all 3 levels from March 2022.

2022 JHWP Training Brochure will be uploaded 14th Jan 2022.

Prayer Ministry appointments available for booking upto December 2022. 

Zoom online prayer ministries when Covid Lockdown Restrictions apply.

Prayer Ministry online available till 20 Feb 2021. From March, online prayer ministry will be available on exception basis.

In Person Prayer Ministry from 6 Mar 2021. Appointments available through to Dec 2021.

In Person Training planned from 20 Mar 2021, for 9 monthly training days, every 3rd Saturday, till November 2021. Registrations will be open shortly.

VicGov CovidSafe rules will apply for all In Person meetings.
Due to COVID limitations we are unable to meet in person and have no idea when that might change.

We are excited to announce that we have commenced Healing Prayer Ministry appointments online via Zoom.

Please book appointment in the usual way, through the Prayer Ministry page.

Our website has recently been updated so if you have visited before things may have changed.

We trust you will find what you are looking for, however if you have a problem please contact us and we will do our best to help you out.

As the lockdown situation has made all gatherings out of the question we will be unable to meet together until such time as the situation changes. Like you, we have no idea when that may be.

Due to the nature of the course, it is difficult to do on-line classes – we may be able to do some of the teaching but you would miss out on the practical elements of the teaching and learning how to practically apply the lessons for yourself and others. Given that this is a teaching and equipping course – the practical component being an integral part of that equipping – to teach it without the practical component would be to severely comprise it. Plus the whole prayer ministry experience would be omitted.

Effectively this means that the Course and prayer ministry appointments are on hold until further notice. We will continue to watch, wait, pray and follow recommendations and stay in touch with you. We hope it will be possible to commence later in the year and continue to look at how we can implement the training in a shorter time-frame without compromising the content or your experience.

If anyone would like to talk to to us further, please email

Stay safe, and hold onto the One who is truly in control. He will make a way forward for us all.

These last eight months have been interesting, unlike anything most of us have ever personally lived through. With this ‘pandemic’ and the changes to our lives, the actions of governments both within Australia and other nations, we are left feeling uncertain of the future, but thankfully we know the One who holds the future and we know that He also holds us and this ministry in His hands. Without Him we can do nothing, with Him we can achieve more than we could ask or imagine.

Reflecting back, God has certainly done way more than I could have asked or imagined in the last 10 years, building the ministry in many ways. Though we are now at a crossroad, uncertain of where it will move in the next year, indeed whether it will move at all, I know that God will direct us in the way we should go.

Here is a brief overview of the past twelve months:

Graduation and Celebration Service – November 2019. This was a wonderful time of honouring God and hearing testimonies from many of our JHWP participants of the work He has done in their lives through the JHWP training Course. Participants spoke of drawing closer to God, of seeing Him bring healing and change to their lives and of deeper understanding of who He is and what He has done for them. 23 participants graduated a level of the three-year course, six completed all three levels and three indicated a desire to continue serving with WTCI in ministry.

Hong Kong trip – Unfortunately our annual trip to Hong Kong was cancelled due to Corona Virus as countries around the world were locked down and borders closed. It was disappointing to not be able to visit and catch up with friends made over the years and carry out the usual prayer ministry, and at this stage it is doubtful if future trips will happen as China takes over and brings in laws that greatly restrict freedoms in Hong Kong. Please pray for our team and the people of Hong Kong who face new challenges and uncertainty in the days ahead.

HPM Centre – By the end of 2019 the HPM centre was booked to capacity and we had a fairly long wait-list. As our team had grown quite large we added some ministry appointments into the training day, so some were teaching and others were doing prayer ministry and no-one felt left out! It was wonderful to have so many taking advantage of the ministry and seeing people healed and set free. 2020 started quite uncertainly, and after our initial ministry in March we were unable to meet again due to restrictions. We had a brief opening up in July but that rapidly ended as the lockdown became harsher. We need to make some decisions about how we might move forward with this so would appreciate your prayers for us as we consider options.

JHWP Training 2020 — We started the year with a wonderful enrolment of people, but sadly have been unable to start the course at all and had to make the decision to totally postpone until 2021 – we hope! We decided that we would not teach on-line because there is a lot of practical content to the training that would be very difficult to do, and we want participants to get full exposure to the practical as well as the theory. We will wait and see how 2021 opens up, and in the meantime continue considering options.

JHWP prayer group – 2019 saw a second prayer group commence in Somerville and it was wonderful to have the option of two groups faithfully covering us and the ministry in prayer. I am very grateful to Sue and Charlotte for taking this on each month. 2020 of course saw the end of these groups but we instead used the first and third Saturdays to connect as a team for Skype prayer meetings so we don’t lose touch. This has proved to be a great way to keep connected and and be refreshed and encouraged while worshipping and praying together.

WTCI Board – Some time ago new requirements were put in place for all NFP organisations that necessitated a lot of new documentation being put in place. So the timing of the first lockdown was great because we were able to have weekly Board meetings on Skype and work our way through some massive documents. We have come out the end of this work with a lot of new policies that are required by law and that hopefully, at the end of the day, we will never have to use but are there if needed! I am very grateful to the Board for giving so much time and input into this job which was looking very daunting to me.

Over the last twelve months it had become apparent that our website was experiencing some glitches and was ready for an update, so this lockdown has also been used to work with a web designer to rebuild our site. We are almost at the testing phase and hope the new site will go live in the next couple of months. Grateful thanks to Sophia and Pierre who have put in hours of time to see this project through.

No life is without challenges and the last eight months have been exceptionally challenging for all of us in different ways but our God is always faithful and always has a way forward. We don’t yet know what the next month will bring, let alone next year but fortunately God knows what we will face and will give us the next steps. I continue to look to Him and praise Him for the privilege of being able to serve Him for Kingdom purposes and for His glory.

Karen Seymour
Director of Ministry
World to Christ International (Australia) Inc.

1 Thessalonians 5:24 (AMP), “Faithful and absolutely trustworthy is He
who is calling you [to Himself for your salvation], and He will do it
[He will fulfil His call by making you holy, guarding you,
watching over you, and protecting you as His own].”


All names withheld due to privacy

The intercession sheet is truly an encouragement and blessing. The prayer ministry reflected Christ’s grace and mercy in times of need.

He is so kind to His children… The tears were flowing during the session as it has so frequently done.

Thank you for the ministry. 


The scriptures and words on the sheet were incredibly accurate and really spoke to my heart.

I appreciate being able to go another step forward in healing the loss of my father and feeling closer to Jesus after the prayers.

I appreciate all of you and send my love to everyone. 


During Freemasonry teaching we cut off curses, words and rituals involved with Freemasonry. Amazingly, following this class, I no longer have strong impulses to binge eat.

A couple of months later the impulses came back to I prayed through the prayers again and it stopped and I have been free of it for a few months now. I feel less stuck in mental illness, depression.

I am able to clear up messy feelings about relationships more easily, to forgive and cut soul ties. I have more accurate discernment about spiritual matters and I have more clarified my calling from God.

During a ministry session I was able to break a soul tie which had been dominating me for over a year.

Before doing this course I had no idea that ungodly soul ties could have such a big influence on us. I had no idea that such a big burden could be lifted so easily. It felt like a physical release.

I have felt free emotionally and spiritually and much more able to know when to walk away from others when they don’t seriously want to turn their life around.

At the time of ministry I was feeling very sad and depressed and down and had suicidal thoughts.

The Lord showed me that I had unforgiveness towards my sister and a fear of being alone and abandoned. I forgave my sister and was able to bless her and not allow her actions to affect my feelings of abandonment.

I am able to talk with my sister and enjoy being with her as well as be involved in her life.

I thought of all the people I needed to forgive that I felt had hurt and rejected me.

I found a lot of the memories were very hurtful but with God’s help I felt very relieved and now I am feeling free of those things that hurt for so long.

I can now think of the people involved, both alive and dead, with love and forgiveness.

During a ministry session I was prayed for about an abnormal fear I had as a result of someone breaking into my home.

Following the ministry and the Lord’s revelation of His truth I no longer have a problem being in my home and am much more content to be there than ever before.

Following a ministry session relating to a family relationship I was able to let go of the things that held me down, by applying the Word of God.

I have been able to renounce and cut off anything that is not of God, and use the healing tools in the teaching material to help me.

During a ministry session I was released from blaming myself for a family member’s decisions.

Since then I am not easily affected by this person’s decisions, which has surprised me. My supportive behaviour has also surprised the other person, my responses are calm and accepting instead of reactive.

I addressed an issue of fear, intimidation and terror. I sensed that Jesus was with me at the point when fear entered the situation. The wall around me melted, section by section, just melted away gently. I prayed that the walls of self-protection would be gone, and that I could receive love that came to me – and I did!

Since the ministry I am not so afraid to object to unjust bullying behaviour. I can voice my needs a bit more and I do not take on responsibility for other people’s actions or opinions of me.

I am more confident in prayer and in myself and more focused on God’s plans.

The intercessory prayer sheets are invaluable. They are so encouraging and spot on!

God knows us so well and knows exactly what we need to hear, at exactly the time we need to hear it. His timing is perfect. God’s grace – just amazing!



All names withheld due to privacy

I hadn’t really thought much about prayer ministry but knew I wanted a deeper relationship with Jesus and personal healing. I struggle to believe the difference between where I am now and where I was at the start of the year.

My attitude to God, the church and life is far more Christ centred and though it hasn’t always been easy I have been resting on God’s truth of who I am and what he has for my life.

I have loved working through the homework exercises, focussing on God’s Word and exploring more deeply where He wants to see healing or changes in my life.

I am trying to listen and quickly seek forgiveness and repentance so that I am in frequent communication with God and aligned to His will.

JHWP Course has impacted my life greatly. The teaching is a wealth of knowledge and tools to use in my life and as I pray with and for others.

It has also improved greatly my walk with the Lord as strongholds/blockages are removed. Greater freedom in my walk and relationship with others.

As this is my third and final year in the Course I can look back on my life and see that I was not confident in who I was in Christ when I started. 

I didn’t totally believe I could hear from God and felt quite lost in where I was going in my life and who God wanted me to be. 

Now I know who, and Whose, I am, and even if I do feel lost some days it doesn’t matter because I know God so much more and trust that He has everything in hand.

I have been healed of pain and thank God for this miracle, after suffering for more than seven years.

In this time my relationship with the Lord has deepened and my faith level has soared.

I am grateful for the teaching I have received in this ministry and seeing God’s hand moving in my life. Each ‘teaching’ has not only made me aware of the spiritual effects and spiritual dimension of emotional issues but I have had healing on each occasion.

Praise the Lord.

I wish I had knowledge of the JHWP course and Healing Prayer Ministry when I first came to know Jesus.

I believe this course actually teaches the practical components that are relevant to a Christian’s walk and knowing how to live in God’s Truth daily.

The Spiritual components taught are so vital to a Christians walk with God, knowing who He is, how He works, hearing His voice, how to access and be in His presence and so much more.

These areas are not only vital in Healing Ministry but in our walk with God on a daily basis.

JHWP Course has impacted my life greatly.

The teaching is a wealth of knowledge and tools to use in my life and as I pray with and for others.

It has also improved greatly my walk with the Lord as strongholds/blockages are removed. Greater freedom in my walk and relationship with others.

This Course is the best thing I have done in my Christian walk.

Each course topic has dealt with issues in my life that needed a clearer understanding and cleaning up. Giving me the time to deal with each thing/topic as it came up has been a real advantage.

The course has shown me how wonderful the Lord is. In all the different ways He shows us how much He loves us and how He works in us.

Wow! What else can you say!! Just love Him!

JHWP Training course has brought healing to my life and understanding of spirit, soul and body in relationships and in the words we say to each other.

The first thing that most impressed me was the trust and respect within the group.

This is a safe place where people are valued, loved, healed and restored and the presence of the Lord is strong and powerful.

I feel honoured to be attending such a course and receiving such thorough teaching, training and equipping.

The course helped me draw closer to God and identify and remove strongholds that were causing distance from God.

I feel I am stronger in my walk with God and I have a greater love for myself as a result of God’s work In my life.

I am also most joyful for the restoration of my marriage and feel blessed by the character work God has done in my life.

This has been my second year in the course and it is amazing how much better my mental health is and I have a greater sense of peace.

I even have people say my face looks brighter. There are many relational issues that crippled me in the past that I now have a way to deal with and move on from.

It’s been life changing. I wish so many more Christians knew about these spiritual tools.

It is hard to find the words to describe how ‘rescued’ I feel by the teaching and understanding gained during the JHWP course.

During the JHWP course I became aware of the devil and his lies and schemes. I learned how to resist and overcome the devil and cut him off my life, and how to feed on the positive word of God and stay positive in Him.

It is an awesome course to be set free.

JHWP has shown me the ways to communicate with God effectively. Each lesson I learned how to trust God more.

I also now know God is with me every step of my journey to be the child He wants me to be.

In all the lessons I sense His presence and that He is talking to me directly in situations I am in.

JHWP course is very thorough and provides a solid foundation to my spiritual journey.

It provides lots of practice to participate in prayer ministry sessions for other people, which has enabled me to help others in my environment.

JHWP course has been like studying psychology but on a spiritual level!

I have loved the awareness I have gained in all of this and the freedom found – and seeing freedom take place in those around me.

Attending the JHWP course has assisted my mental health immensely – was set free from a destructive thought patterns and emotional issues for the first time in about 20 years.