What we do

WTCI Vision


To see individuals:

  • Trained and equipped to be disciples of Jesus.
  • Set free from life’s hurts.
  • Know and understand their unique gifts, talents
    and call within the Body of Christ.
  • Free and released to serve within their call for Kingdom glory.
Prayer Ministry


HPM is for anyone who:

  • Wants a closer encounter with the Lord.
  • Knows there are spiritual blockages in their life.
  • Has emotional wounding that is holding them bound.
  • Is not experiencing an abundant life.


JHWP is designed for:

  • Those who are seeking personal healing.
  • Those who desire to actively participate in Healing Prayer Ministry to help others.
  • Those who want a deeper relationship with Jesus.




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JHWP | Healing Prayer Ministry


World to Christ International (Australia) Inc. [WTCI] is the covering body for all ministries mentioned on this website. WTCI is a mission organisation incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981.
WTCI is directed by a Board who oversee the ministry, the appointment of short-term missionaries and financial contributions. All WTCI workers serve in a voluntary capacity – we have no paid staff.
WTCI is an accredited member of Missions Interlink and is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission. ABN 96 802 114 776

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JHWP | Healing Prayer Ministry


Training individuals in ‘Jesus’ Healing of the Whole Person’, through teaching, individual healing prayer ministry and practical exercises, aiming to help each participant to grow in Christ and to identify their unique call within the Body of Christ.
Facilitating healing through running a Healing Prayer Ministry Centre, where individuals may come for personal healing prayer ministry appointments.
Training in the nations – taking teams of trained teachers and ministry leaders where invited within Australia or overseas to provide training and equipping for national churches or individuals.

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Volunteer Leaders and Helpers within WTCI

All leaders within every WTCI-run ministry, including teachers and HPM leaders, and all volunteers, have been, or are being trained within WTCI-run ministries, or have attended other approved and recognised training courses of a similar nature.

Every leader/volunteer must fulfil the following criteria:
  • Demonstrate a heart for the ministry they desire to serve in.
  • Support the vision of WTCI to see the ministry spread to God’s people.
  • Have satisfactorily completed the whole Course [three Levels] and/or demonstrated an appropriate level of gifting to be released to this position.
  • Have satisfied the requirements of the position they hold as assessed by WTCI Director of Ministry.
  • Serves under the covering of the WTCI (Australia) Inc. Board and leadership.

Board Members:

  • Chairman – George Lagwa
  • Director of Ministry / Secretary – Karen Seymour
  • Director of Training – Wendy Lagwa
  • Members – Ed Seymour, Rob Nicholls

PRayer Ministry

Jesus came to give us life, life in all its fullness. (John 10:10b) However life is not always kind to us. We pick up hurts and wounds along the journey that leave their mark, hindering and affecting our relationship with God and others.

Emotional wounding scars us more deeply than we realise, impairing our ability to function and enjoy the abundant life God wants for us. On the cross Jesus Christ dealt with sin and its results.

Satan has been defeated, yet we can be ignorant or deceived, bound by sins, poor decisions, reactions, unforgiveness, vows and words, or other reasons, and fail to live as overcomers. Healing Prayer Ministry can help:

  • Break blockages preventing people from moving into their full potential in Jesus Christ
  • Those who feel rejected, lonely or fearful
  • Break the hold of evil spirits over peoples’ lives
  • Those who have been emotionally wounded and feel hurt inside
  • Those who have suffered any form of abuse or trauma

By applying God’s love and grace to any situation, healing is released and Satan’s hold in our lives broken – this is why Jesus came! Healing Prayer Ministry is not based on the tools of counselling or words of advice.

Rather, in prayer, and with intercessors in another room praying for the ministry, the Recipient is lifted up to Him where, in His grace, He reveals those blockages and root causes so that His power can be lovingly administered with permanent effect. Many testify to life changing results arising from these quiet times of ministry.



Purpose of the Course

Jesus’ Healing of the Whole Person (JHWP) is designed as a personal healing course to:

  • Grow participants in their understanding of who they are in Christ.
  • Unlock and bring healing to participants’ past hurts and traumas
  • Help participants to recognise their unique place within the Body of Christ.
  • Release participants to fulfil their calling within the Body of Christ.
  • Equip those who feel called to Healing Prayer Ministry.

Graduates who feel called to Healing Prayer Ministry will be given opportunity to join the Jesus Healing Whole Person team and receive on going training and ministry opportunities.

Overview of the Course

JHWP comprises three Levels of training, each requiring nine full sessions of teaching plus practical experience.
Each Level progressively builds on the information and skills taught in previous Levels.

  • Level 1 teaches basic healing and discipleship principles. Topics include Practical Ministry Guidelines; Listening; Healing Foundations; Spirit, Soul & Body; Forgiveness; Ungodly Ties; Repentance; The Will; The Emotions; The Mind.
  • Level 2 looks at more specific areas where healing may be required. Topics include Spirit of a Person; Rejection; Vows; Lies; Curses; Shame; Ministry in the Womb; Loss & Grief; Accident & Trauma.
  • Level 3 focuses on advanced healing topics and on participants finding their unique calling within the Body of Christ. Topics include Understanding the Spiritual Battle; Overcoming Satan’s Oppression; Deliverance; Cults; Freemasonry; Spiritual Gifts; Personality Types; I am Unique in His Image.

Teaching on each topic incorporates practical exercises to help Participants apply the teaching to their life.

Important Note

Participants must complete Level 1 before proceeding to Level 2. Levels 1 and 2 must be completed before Level 3.