Who is HPM for:

  • Anyone who wants a closer encounter with the Lord
  • Anyone who knows there are spiritual blockages in their life
  • Anyone who has emotional wounding that is holding them bound
  • Anyone who is not experiencing an abundant life

What is Healing Prayer Ministry?

Jesus came to give us life, life in all its fullness. (John 10:10b) However life is not always kind to us. We pick up hurts and wounds along the journey that leave their mark, hindering and affecting our relationship with God and others. Emotional wounding scars us more deeply than we realise, impairing our ability to function and enjoy the abundant life God wants for us.

On the cross Jesus Christ dealt with sin and its results. Satan has been defeated, yet we can be ignorant or deceived, bound by sins, poor decisions, reactions, unforgiveness, vows and words, or other reasons, and fail to live as overcomers.

Healing Prayer Ministry can help –

  • break blockages preventing people from moving into their full potential in Jesus Christ
  • those who feel rejected, lonely or fearful
  • break the hold of evil spirits over peoples’ lives
  • those who have been emotionally wounded and feel hurt inside
  • those who have suffered any form of abuse or trauma

By applying God’s love and grace to any situation, healing is released and Satan’s hold in our lives broken – this is why Jesus came!

Healing Prayer Ministry is not based on the tools of counselling or words of advice. Rather, in prayer, and with intercessors in another room praying for the ministry, the Recipient is lifted up to Him where, in His grace, He reveals those blockages and root causes so that His power can be lovingly administered with permanent effect.

Many testify to life changing results arising from these quiet times of ministry.

HPM booking details

  • WTCI offers HPM by appointment on the first Saturday of every month, March to December.

    Cantonese and Mandarin speaking ministry teams are available upon request.

    Please note: WTCI does not minister to under 18’s. For ministry to children and teen refer to Sonrise Family Ministries www.sonrise.org.au

  • Venue for ministry

    Living Streams Christian Church
    245 Middleborough Road,
    Box Hill South (Melways 61 G3)

  • Times:

    • 9.30am x 2
    • 11.30am x 2
  • What to expect:

    Trained people meet with you to pray and wait on the Holy Spirit for His leading and healing touch.
    At the same time a separate group will pray and intercede for you.

    • The ministry session lasts for 1½ hours.
    • Everything is strictly confidential.

    The ministry team is not there to give advice or tell you what to do. They are there to facilitate what the Lord may want to do in your life.

    Healing Prayer Ministry for 2017 is fully booked.
    Bookings recommence in March 2018

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Testimonies from Healing Prayer Ministry

  • During a ministry session I was able to break a soul tie which had been dominating me for over a year. Before doing this course I had no idea that soul ties could have such a big influence on us. I had no idea that such a big burden could be lifted so easily. If felt like a physical release. I have felt free emotionally and spiritually and much more able to know when to walk away from others when they don’t seriously want to turn their life around.
  • At the time of ministry I was feeling very sad and depressed and down and had suicidal thoughts . The Lord showed me that I had unforgiveness towards my sister and a fear of being alone and abandoned. I forgave my sister and was able to bless her and not allow her actions to affect my feelings of abandonment I am able to talk with my sister and enjoy being with her as well as be involved in her life.
  • I thought of all the people I needed to forgive that I felt had hurt and rejected me. I found a lot of the memories were very hurtful but with God’s help I felt very relieved and now I am feeling free of those things that hurt for so long. I can now think of the people involved, both alive and dead, with love and forgiveness.
  • During a ministry session I was prayed for about an abnormal fear I had as a result of someone breaking into my home. Following the ministry and the Lord’s revelation of His truth I no longer have a problem being in my home and am much more content to be there than ever before.