World to Christ International was founded by June Sutton (1936-2009), a former Hong Kong missionary, to train and equip Christians in discipleship, evangelism, short-term cross-cultural outreach and children’s ministry.

1997-2005 –
Short-term mission teams to Eastern Europe, to the former communist nations of Slovakia, Ukraine and Russia.
These teams led seminars on discipleship, children’s ministry, evangelism, short-term cross-cultural outreach and pastoral care and led outreach teams into neighbouring countries for practical evangelistic experiences.

2000 –
WTCI registered as a mission organisation in Slovakia with a Slovak Board to oversee ministry.

2003 –
Jesus’ Healing of the Whole Person [JHWP] training became the main focus of our ministry.
JHWP Training courses established in Melbourne and Slovakia.

2005 –
Opportunities in Asia opened, and teams were sent to Nagaland (NE India), India, Cambodia and Hong Kong, to train nationals in discipleship, evangelism and JHWP.

2006 –
First Hong Kong [HK] Committee established to oversee WTCI work in HK and beyond, becoming an official entity in 2007 as World to Christ International (HK) Limited.

2007-2009 –
JHWP seminars and ministry in HK.
HK ministry became established and nationals took over the running of JHWP courses.

2010 –
World to Christ International (Australia) Inc. became an Incorporated Association in Australia.
WTCI Healing Prayer Ministry established in Melbourne.

2010-present –
WTCI (Australia) Inc. continues to send ministry teams to HK to support HK team and provide personal HPM sessions to HK course participants and others.
WTCI (HK) Limited sends JHWP teaching and ministry teams beyond HK.
HPM Centre established in HK.
Trained Slovak leaders continue to minister and teach JHWP in their nation and beyond.
JHWP course run annually in Melbourne.
Healing Prayer Ministry on-going by appointment.

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